Advantageously located on a long spit of land formerly known as a barre à choir, the Carleton-sur-Mer campground features a multitude of unusual natural advantages.

It lies cradled between the salt marsh on one side and on the other, the sea – Chaleur Bay, a member of the select Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World. A true paradise for campers, due to its unique location and stunning seascapes, it compares advantageously to the best facilities of its kind in Québec – the campgrounds at provincial and national parks.

New in 2021!


It is strongly recommended to book as soon as possible.

Are the dates you were hoping for sold out? Take advantage of discounts during the off-season to enjoy the legendary tranquillity of the place!

With its large sites on level lots, the Carleton-sur-Mer campground is just as suitable for RV fans as it is for tent campers in the wooded section.

The campground has a magnificent playground to delight your children.

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Photo credit : Magali Deslauriers, Guy Leblanc, André Brunet